Is it worth buying Black Friday during the shopping holiday?

We get many questions from consumers, and one of the recurring questions is whether it is worth buying Black Friday during the shopping holiday? When they ask this question, it was important for us to understand why they asked it.

Here is our answer.

Is Black Friday Worth It?

One of the prevalent phenomena that consumers feel is that dealers, businesses and stores are slowly raising the prices of their products and ahead of the Black Friday shopping holiday they are offering huge promotions and discounts at rates of tens of percent.

As a result, there is no real discount for the shopping holiday, so the discount is only apparent. For example, if the product costs $100, then until the holiday it costs $125, and then the dealers offer a 20% discount on the shopping holiday. This means that the price after the discount is $NIS – the original price.

Well.. it exists in some businesses, for some it works so they persist in such a method. But there are other businesses that this method does not work for, for example in cases of prices that are in a small range and known to consumers.

This phenomenon is not supposed to happen and many businesses really offer the actual discount and not just a semblance. It should be noted that these businesses are the ones who decide which discount to give and which not.

How to make sure the discount is correct?

The best thing is to keep track of the product you plan to purchase in a timely manner, i.e. at least 3-4 months before the Black Friday shopping holiday and it is recommended even half a year back.

You can create such a list through a to-do list, a tool for creating drafts, notes, or a spreadsheet like Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel and so on.

What to do if the discount is fictitious?

You can contact the business in order to get the discount on the right price and not the fictitious price.

In addition, you can contact the consumer protection authority or such body in the country, or the consumer protection department of the Shopikal. The company will try to assist you in the procedure in front of the store in order to exercise your right.

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