What is Black Friday?

You must have heard the word “Black Friday” many times, everyone is talking about deals, sales, promotions, discounts, and benefits… So what is Black Friday?!

Well… to answer this question, one must first know a little history of the chain of events and the celebration of the holiday.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday, in practice, this is an unofficial name of Friday that comes after the Thanksgiving of the United States that takes place on the 4th Thursday in number in November of each year.

Consumers have always celebrated shopping holidays, not official holidays that are celebrated, but special holidays that they expect to purchase products and services and receive at affordable prices. But in the past this day was not known because Thanksgiving was usually the holiday that opened the end-of-year shopping celebration.

Many businesses and stores would continue their promotions even after Thanksgiving for the day after… which is Black Friday. Some of them would actually open the shopping season in the early hours of Friday until late hours.

Since changing consumers’ habits and buying on this particular Friday, it has become such a popular day that Black Friday has become the busiest shopping day throughout the year. Many sellers were left without a stock of products, which even made consumers think negatively about it.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday always falls on a Friday that comes right after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November every year.

In fact Black Friday can take place from the 22nd to the 30th of November.

Why the name Black Friday?

The name Black Friday is usually explained from the world of accounting and numbers. In fact, the most popular explanation is that this day of the year represents a particularly lucrative day for many retailers. Because black represents plus in accounting (profit) and red represents minus (loss).

Where do we celebrate Black Friday?

Black Friday has been celebrated in the past usually in most states of the United States, and since then the holiday has spread all over the world. In fact, almost every country in the world celebrates Black Friday as a significant shopping holiday.

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