How to buy on Amazon? Shopping on the Amazon website guide

Want to know how to shop on Amazon? A shopping guide on the Amazon website of Black Friday New gives you all the information you need to know. This information is also suitable if you are shopping on normal days and not just on the big holiday.

Ready? Here is all the information.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces in the world and operates the largest and busiest shopping sites in the world. The company started as a small bookstore, then expanded further and further, until it reached its current state today.

Today Amazon is not just an e-commerce site, but a trading and logistics company, and even a high-tech company. So it offers fast deliveries to the consumer’s home, operates large warehouses all over the world, and more.

It also offers products developed by it such as e-book readers and other electronic devices, as well as other services like video services, music, and more.

By the way, the Amazon site has several local sites in different countries. So that one can purchase such or other products through the local websites.

What can you buy on Amazon?

At Amazon, you can buy almost anything. Ranging from electrical and electronic products, clothing and footwear products, home and kitchen products, garden products, car products, computers and peripherals, mobile phones, televisions and related products, children’s products, and more.

Amazon itself does not sell the products but is a system for connecting buyers and sellers. But, over time she has also decided to sell, so she has some products in her development or other products marketed by her.

How to buy on Amazon?

In order to buy through Amazon, you need to follow a few steps.

1. Creating an account

First of all create a free user account. The account allows you to enter your personal information and manage your details, get more information and make future purchases more easily.

To do this, enter this link, in the Account and Lists menu click on Start Here. Then fill in your name, email, and password. These details are also used for purchase on local Amazon sites.

2. Product searching

After registering, you can return to its main pages by clicking on their logo. There you can find your products in 2 ways:

  • Navigation menu – You can use the navigation menu to search by product by category.
  • Search box – You can manually enter the product that interests you. You can enter the product name, color, model, brand, etc.

3. Filtering and comparing prices

The search results are great, here’s the time to filter them. It is recommended to filter by review (average rating of buyers), by price (if you have a certain budget), by shipping price (free or not, international or not), features or product description (size, color, model, brand, etc.), Or by other parameters according to the product type.

Then, you can sort or compare the products according to the prices or according to reviews or other parameters, which are important to you.

4. Product selection and information

After the comparison, when you click on a particular product, you can select it and get more details about it. Information on product uses, product features, product description, size or color, viewing buyers’ feedbacks, viewing photos or videos, and more.

5. Choosing a Supplier

There may be several vendors selling the same product, so the best thing is to check out the best vendor for you. The selection is made on the product page. You should choose a reliable supplier with more reviews and ratings, it has a higher warranty, it exists on Amazon for longer and more.

6. Purchase and payment

After all the filtering and testing, you have to click on Add to cart and then on Proceed to checkout.

For the first time you will need to enter your address to receive the product. Then, you can choose the shipping method and the method of payment. If you are asking how to pay on Amazon, then it is mostly possible using a credit card (or gift card).

Management and monitoring

That’s all.. you made your purchase! You can manage the purchases and get the information about the products you bought in the “My orders” area.

You can then track shipments and packages, in order to know where your package is and the shipment you are waiting for.

That’s it! Want to start shopping on Amazon? Follow this link and get started now.

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