New Year 2023 – What promotions and discounts are there and is it worth it?

Do you like shopping in stores or online shopping? There are quite a few shopping holidays, but the civil New Year (Novi God, Sylvester) is an unusual and unique holiday. A particularly popular shopping holiday.

Here is all the information on the subject.

What is the New Year?

New Year’s Eve (Novi God, Sylvester) is not only a world-famous shopping holiday, but first and foremost is a worldwide civic holiday, celebrated in many countries around the world. This holiday marks the beginning of the new civil year.

Most countries operate according to a foreign date, a civil calendar. Both when we make transactions, make purchases or agreements, and other cases.

This holiday has become over time also a symbol of a shopping holiday where many deals of businesses and shops close. Which begins somewhere in November.

When is New Year?

The civil New Year, Novi God, New Year’s Eve, takes place on the 1st of January every year. Of course, the holidays also start the evening before.

In fact, the New Year 2023 this year takes place on Sunday, January 01, 2023.

Is it worth buying?

As we wrote, New Year, or in fact also the end of the civil year, symbolizes the new year and therefore the promotions that were in the previous year do not continue. This means that this holiday also symbolizes the end of many promotions given to us.

Therefore, if you have not yet had time to shop on Black Friday or other shopping holidays, this is in itself the last date when you will be able to receive the promotions if they exist.

What should you buy?

In fact, there is no product that specifically symbolizes this holiday, of course beyond the symbols and customs of the holiday. Therefore, you can buy anything you want, and it is still on display at a fair and worthwhile price for you.

It is important to note that the previous year ends here and therefore the monetary value of certain products, such as technology or vehicles – may actually be cheaper after the holiday because of additional seniority.

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