Thanksgiving Day 2022 – Is this also a leading shopping holiday?

If you like to shop online, especially through major e-commerce sites in the world, you must also be familiar with Thanksgiving. A well-known civil holiday in North America.

Here’s everything on the subject.

What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day is a large and well-known civil holiday in North American countries (the United States and Canada) and some South American countries in which people thank God for the autumn crops and additional gratitude.

As it sounds, it is a Christian holiday in its origins, but over time the holiday has become a civil and secular holiday for all intents and purposes, so it is also celebrated by non-Christians.

During the holiday, businesses and shops in the United States are usually inactive and start operating with the start of the big shopping holiday… Black Friday comes the day after.

When is Thanksgiving this year?

Thanksgiving Day in the United States is Thursday the 4th of November every year.

Thanksgiving 2022 this year takes place on Thursday, November 24, 2022.

Is it worth buying?

As written earlier, Thanksgiving is one day before Black Friday and in addition, most of the time during the holiday certain businesses close.

This means that it is very worthwhile to wait until the end of the holiday, until the start of the largest shopping holiday in the world. However, since Thanksgiving is the day before Black Friday, in most cases the festivities are already beginning.

Therefore – it is highly recommended to wait for the start of the largest shopping holiday in the world.

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